Animals don’t have a voice. It is our responsibility to give them one and speak out the injustices done to them.

This blog will discuss what puppy mills are and address the need for more awareness about them so that they can be shut down. My change agent will by Al Mijares, the Orange County superintendent of schools. I want him to work on creating a program in Orange County middle schools that happen one day out of the year. The program will include an informational presentation, Q&A session and activities with the children. I hope that this program will spread awareness throughout the community and aid in the shut down of puppy mill institutions.

I’m Cat trying to save dogs.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. “I’m Cat trying to save dogs”. Best Line ever. For me this was the hardest blog to read through. I was definitely unaware about such practices. The pictures and videos were very difficult to watch. I love the change for this blog and think your change agent is a very creative and unique approach to stopping this problem, I only wish the change was more grandiose.

  2. “I’m Cat trying to save dogs.” LOL. Brava.

    PS, this reminds me of my puppy. His name is Snoop and I found him at a hoarder’s house. I couldn’t believe how horrible they were treating their dogs. They were dogs of different ages, getting fed the same food, pooping in their confined spaces (where they sleep!). I can’t believe these people exist. But luckily there are people like you, with blogs like these, who will no doubt make a difference.

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