Current National Campaign Against Animal Cruelty

Most notable to our community is the SPCA commercial against animal cruelty that uses spokesperson Sara McLachlan.

Getting celebrities on board with this cause would make a huge impact on spreading awareness and educating young people on this issue. Many young adults, teens and tweens idolize celebrities and try to follow trends and things they do. The purchase of designer dogs is one of those trends. If celebrities liek Sara McLachlan speak out against puppy mills and animal abuse and steer younger generations towards shelter it would help eliminate the problem.

It is not enough to spread awareness by throwing around the word “puppy mill”. It isn’t a term that many people know. This is why it is important to implement educational aspects like this commercial so that people understand what they are fighting against.


2 thoughts on “Current National Campaign Against Animal Cruelty

  1. I hate these commercials!!! lol but they do get your attention. I feel they could do more with the advertising, maybe going to schools and teaching them about puppy mills

  2. I think there’s definitely a good reason why this commercial is so famous for being sad: animal cruelty gets to us on a so much more basic level than human cruelty. Not that human cruelty isn’t a big deal, but if you think about movies, people will watch films like Saw and Hostel that show people being dismembered, but put a movie like I Am Legend on where the dog dies, and people literally break down in the theater. I think that’s a really good sign that people are willing to get involved to prevent any harm being done to animals, which puppy mills definitely do. Thank you for choosing this topic.

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