Action in Orange County

Strides have been made in Orange County in the fight against puppy mills. More recently there has been talk of banning commercial breeders from selling in Laguna Beach. This has already been done in neighboring cities including Dana Point, Irvine and Huntington Beach.

It is important to note that although steps are being made to prevent puppy mill puppies from being sold in Orange County, if people don’t know why their not being sold, they could just look in other cities, counties or even states to get their dogs.

Fighting for enforcement of regulation on commercial breeders or even preventing commercial breeders in your county to begin with are two ways for you to speak out against the injustice of puppy mills.


One thought on “Action in Orange County

  1. I recently noticed the lack of pet stores at malls in Orange County, and I had heard that this is why. It’s great news! I wish people knew why the stores were closing though because it would force them to think about where the puppies are coming from. Do you know what happens to the dogs if they aren’t purchased before the stores are forced to close? I hope that by doing a good thing the legislators aren’t unintentionally killing thousands of dogs who will no longer have a place in the pet stores.

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