Benefits and Misconception About Shelter Dogs

Misconception: All shelter dogs are mutts.

Reality: 20 percent of shelter dogs are PURE BREED.

David Meyer the executive director of says it best:

“There’s a misconception that animals at shelters have something wrong with them. They’re often great pets but may by homeless because their owners died, moved or are serving in the military. Unlike, say, a pet store puppy, a rescue dog usually has all the necessary shots and is house trained and neutered.”

Some people think that by purchasing their puppy from a puppy  mill they are saving it from the deplorable conditions but in the end that just helps the entire operation stay in business. When puppy mills are shut down all of the puppies and dogs are sent to shelters and can be purchased for a substantially smaller price.

Shelter dogs come with many benefits; they are healthy, in good condition, trained, neutered and some times even micro chipped. Most of all they need YOU. Your love, attention and to be your constant companion for life.



4 thoughts on “Benefits and Misconception About Shelter Dogs

  1. I had no idea about puppy mills before this blog but I can’t believe that they do that! This is a good cause and I support it; I hope you keep with this after this project. If I ever buy a dog I’ll go to a shelter first.

  2. I think this topic is just so sad. My family got a puppy from shelter when I was 5 years old, Rocko, and although he was not a purebred, he was beautiful. He was a terrier-poodle and the sweetest smartest dog I’ve ever seen. The sentiment that shelter dogs aren’t as good as ‘normal’ puppies is completely inaccurate and needs to be changed! Great topic!

  3. I love how you talked about the misconception of shelter dogs being mutts. I believe a lot of people don’t know that 20 percent of shelter dogs are in fact purebreds. Rather, they assume that by purchasing a puppy from a pet store they’re in fact purchasing the highest “quality” puppy. Two years ago I adopted a kitty from the shelter. Her owners just couldn’t afford to keep her and I think that’s a growing problem with the current state of the economy. A lot of pets that are currently in shelters come from really good homes. Great job with this blog! I’m sure you’re going to help encourage a lot of people to check shelters first when looking to get an animal.

  4. Thank you for clearing these misconceptions up. This is an issue I am not very fluent in, but I am a huge dog lover, so this is important to me. Your blog has definitely educated and informed me about the different situations and misconceptions people have of these animals, it breaks my heart that more people aren’t aware. Thank you and when I buy I dog, I know where I’ll be looking 🙂

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