Story of a Puppy Mill Puppy

When you purchase a puppy that came from a puppy mill they are more likely to have infections, diseases and parasites from their lack of veterinary care. Most of the time the symptoms don’t show up until after you take them home and fall in love. Here is the story of Harley from her owner Jamie Strange:

In memory of Harley

My husband and I bought a sweet, adorable, eight-week-old Maltese/Chihuahua puppy at a local pet store in Utah. The employee did inform us the puppy had a cold and was on medicine, but as animal lovers, we were willing to take her home and take care of her—a cold goes away.

The puppy, Harley, was very thin and wouldn’t eat or drink. We fed her through a syringe for two days and pampered and loved her. By the third day, she was eating and drinking and playing—we were so delighted! But on the fourth day she went downhill and was whimpering and was so hot to the touch. I checked her temperature and it was 103.6. My husband rushed her to the vet and they tested her for parvovirus and it was positive. We were so devastated. We were quoted thousands of dollars for the hospital bill, but a low chance of survival. Harley weighed only one pound.

My mother called the pet store—the owner didn’t believe the parvo diagnosis and asked that we take Harley to his vet…so we rushed to his vet, who confirmed it. The owner of the pet store agreed to pay for only one night of fluids. We came and picked her up on Saturday and she was so sad and in pain. Within a few hours she passed away.

We are so heartbroken and angry. This little sweet puppy did not deserve this pain. We have tried to contact the store owner, but he will not return our calls. He was well aware of the parvo and yet continued to sell all the other puppies. How can he do that? I will never ever again buy from a pet store—this was our first and our last time.


4 thoughts on “Story of a Puppy Mill Puppy

  1. this post literally broke my heart. this same exact situation happened to my friend from home, and it was devastating to witness. they were also furious and heartbroken, and proceeded to try to sue the pet store. I think that posts like this-with real stories-are always the best kinds. They are the most relatable and tug at your heart strings. You will be very successful with your case if you tell more stories like this one. I have a puppy who is only a year old myself, and I can’t imagine what I would do if I lost her. You have my support for your cause, 100%!

  2. This is just heartbreaking. I have never gotten a puppy from a puppy mill, thank god, but I bought a hamster from petco and it died after only a coupld days because it had a fever. It’s so sad how they treat animals!

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