Pet Stores, Where the Puppies Really Come From

In recent years many pet stores have stopped selling puppies. The reason for this is because animal rights groups have begun protesting against them.

“90 percent of puppies from pet stores come from puppy mils”

Stores sell puppies as though they are merchandise, or products. The system is the same as any other product in a store: puppies are raised with low-cost production methods, sold to a broker or “middle man,” and delivered to retail stores to be bought by the customer. The puppy’s breeder sometimes makes as little as $75 per puppy, while the  customer often pays well over $1,000 in a retail pet store.

Southern California is seen as the “capitol for puppy mills.” Designer dogs have become very popular among young people especially since their favorite celebrities are purchasing them.

This video brings to light the involvement of puppy mills at one pet store in Beverly Hills that gets the puppies from puppy mills. It has since been shut down.


3 thoughts on “Pet Stores, Where the Puppies Really Come From

  1. Great video. Although I am a dog owner, I never fully understood what puppy mills were or how terrible they truly were. I’m completely disgusted by this idea of puppy mills and even more so by the fact that many of them are located in Southern California.

  2. It’s so sad to hear of this happening so close to where we are! I never would have imagined this happening in the US, let alone in Southern California! I hope you can make a change with this. Your stories are so touching and help me realize how serious this issue is.

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