How Much Do You Care?

It is not uncommon to hear questions like “But isn’t a puppy mill just a breeder that has a lot of puppies?” or “If they have their license doesn’t that mean they are held to certain standards?”

The short answer to these type of questions is NO.  Puppy mills treat their animals cruelly and inhumanely. They are considered a factory farm for dogs.  There are regulations put in place by the federal government but it is hard to monitor every breeder.

“There are nearly 6,000 USDA-licensed commercial kennels in the U.S. (and untold numbers of unlicensed.)”

Between the licensed kennels to monitor and the discovery of unlicensed kennels, animal groups like the ASPCA have their hands full. That is why it is important for YOU to spread the word. If the puppy mill owners can’t make a profit it puts an end to their business.


2 thoughts on “How Much Do You Care?

  1. Many Americans have dogs. They are everywhere we go, malls, parks, beaches, restaurants, shops and more. Yet we never stop to think where those dogs came from. This really enlighten me. And one day when I have a dog of my own, I am going to do a lot on research to make sure that my dog comes from a legit breeder and not a mill.

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